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Travel by a self-locking device.

The most interesting, but rather extreme kind of rest – travel by a self-locking device. Such rest, will deliver to you weight of delight and impressions. The self-locking device has arisen in 60th years of XX century. Also grew among youth, but now it has extended among the senior generations. For inveterate travellers is not easier entertainment, and style of a life or a life.

New crossover Ford Flex
At Canadian factory Ford in a province of Ontario assembly of new model – crossover Ford Flex concerning by 2009 modelling year has begun. In spite of the fact that consumers tend to economic cars more and more, Ford Flex have been well accepted by public because of the charge of the fuel equal 13,8 л/100 km in city and 9,8 л/100 km on highway.
165-Day time expedition across Eurasia
In Petersburg 165-day's expedition across Eurasia prepares. Expedition will start on June, 23rd. The Petersburg command will overcome a part of a route on cross-country vehicles, a part – a self-locking device, train and plane. All travel will borrow 165 days (from June, 23rd till December, 5th). Having started in June, the command will return to Russia only in the winter.
On karpatskim to reserves it is impossible to go for a drive on jeeps
In nature protection territories of Carpathians trips on jeeps are forbidden. The corresponding decision have signed, after defenders of the nature began to approve, that ekstremaly on jeeps have caused to reserves considerable damage. As ecologists assure, ekstremalov involve, first of all, authentic kinds of Carpathians. To feel all pleasure of mountain automobile tourism, they go in a grounds of woods. Very often lay to itself a way, cutting down trees. The flora and fauna of Carpathians suffer from such rest.
Rules of autotravel
During autotravel it is not necessary to adjust itself on overcoming of record distances in extremely short terms. Certainly, for a day it is possible to cover distance in one thousand and more than kilometers. Basically, anybody with it you will not surprise, but rest it to name difficultly. At average speed of 50-70 kilometers at an o'clock run at skilled autotourists makes 600-750 kilometers. In this case there is time for short rest and acquaintance with sights.
Useful advice for distant trips
Not drivers remember all, than the direct long road, tens kilometers lasting on a monotonous landscape is dangerous. It very strongly lulls the driver. Rescue — to listen to vigorous music or to sing most, to exchange words with fellow travellers. Necessarily in each 2—3 hours of movement to do a stop for 3—5 minutes: to leave the machine, to be kneaded, bypass the machine few times, at the same time having examined trunks and other, to wash cold water and t. Item
How to not make the wrong choice the fellow traveller
Many of the tourists gathering rest in the distant countries, face a problem of absence of the partner. Recently has become fashionable to take with itself before the unfamiliar fellow traveller or the fellow traveler. However, to find the partner on a shower not always it is easy. It is not necessary to forget and about professional speculators.
The best cars for travel
Popular edition Forbes predstavlilo models which, in opinion of experts and results of interrogations of automobile owners, are the most comfortable, capacious, and the main thing - economic, in a word created for autotravel. An indisputable favorite at interrogation became 5-seater crossover Honda CR-V (a hybrid of an off-road car and the easy car). This crossover successfully competes in the market in a segment of off-road cars of a премиум-class.
Self-locking device from Vladivostok up to Kaliningrad
Two seaside travellers-экстремала plan to reach a self-locking device from Vladivostok Kaliningrad.
The ideological engine of project Maks of Magicians has told, that their primary goal is to study, as people on all country spend the summer, that interesting occurs during a summer season in different regions of Russia - from Japanese up to Baltic sea.
Extreme motor-technics for trailering
Many prefer to the organized and comfortable rest extreme conditions and adventures. Trailering - travel on own car always was popular but to make voyage by the machine, it is necessary to be prepared thoroughly. The new tourist season and now on peak of popularity - extreme motor-technics begins.
Dodge Journey - a crossover for family autotravel
In the summer of this year company Dodge will present in the European market the new model – Dodge Journey. The car will be executed in a format of a crossover and to possess all properties and characteristics of the modern car for family operation. Economic, spacious inside and, that is important, inexpensive.
In the market of the Great Britain where Dodge Journey should appear one of the first, the car will be offered in the version with peredneprivodnoj transmission and two variants of motors: 2,4-liter petrol and 2-liter diesel.
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